Our commercial customers...

Gas Incorporated is one of the largest distributors of propane gas for commercial and industrial businesses in our market areas. Over the past fifty years propane gas has become a major player in commercial laundry, water heating, commercial heating and gas fired furnace processing. Restaurant owners have been using propane gas to cook with, wash dishes, heat the water and heat the restaurant for many years. It makes far better economical sense than electricity. Propane is also used extensively as the fuel of choice for farmers in the crop drying and poultry business. Propane has proven to be very versatile as an engine fuel and a heating gas because it is clean burning and also very cost efficient. Farmers appreciate propane's portability and high Btu content, not to mention its price competitiveness.

Commercial customers in our marketing areas have come to depend on us as their sole supplier of propane gas. We are experts in equipment sizing and storage tank installations. We can work with your contractor to make sure your plant or restaurant has the proper amount of building heat or Btu to run your kitchen.

When it comes to supplying propane to commercial and restaurant customers, no one is more attuned to that market than Gas Incorporated.

Propane is marketed commercially as a portable fuel used in cylinders for the home and small business. Gas Incorporated offers local businesses the opportunity to share in this success story by installing a propane dispensing center at their place of business.

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