Retail Dispenser Program...

More and more people are using propane gas to heat RVs or cook a meal at their deer camp. Customers are looking for somewhere to get propane powered vehicles filled. Mobile home customers who use 100 lb cylinders to heat their home in the winter need somewhere to get their cylinders filled.

We offer the local businessperson a chance to get in on this business bonanza by installing a propane gas dispensing system on their property and dispensing propane gas. The equipment is state of the art dispensing apparatus, which meets or exceeds all government codes and regulations. The employees are trained and certified by our employees to insure safety first for everyone who comes in contact with propane gas. Gas Incorporated also provides the insurance coverage for the dispensing unit. The gas is sold by weight and scales are provided. Propane gas is also sold as a motor fuel and is metered into the customer's tank using this dispensing equipment.

The Retail Dispenser Program has been designed to provide the local business owner an opportunity to generate income without having to expend a lot of owner's capital. It is a product that sells itself because consumers are in need of the product just like gasoline for their car. The dispenser system is safe and easy to operate.

Gas Incorporated has a program for local business owners that will enable you to take advantage of the ever expanding recreational propane gas business in your community..

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