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Propane gas, or liquefied petroleum gas as it is sometimes referred to, is available throughout the United States. According to the National Propane Association, 95% of our propane is produced in North America, so we do not have to rely on other countries to provide this energy source. The main source of propane is the crude oil gas mixtures as they come out of actively producing oil and natural gas wells. This source is supplemented by secondary supplies that are produced in the course of certain processes in oil refineries that result from recyling of natural gas.

Propane belongs to a family of chemical compounds known as hydrocarbons. This means they are made up of hydrogen and carbon atoms only. Some of the more common characteristics are:

  • They are tasteless, colorless and odorless.

  • When mixed with the proper amount of air, they can burn.

  • Most propane is capable of being either a solid, liquid or gas under varying conditions.

  • Most propane can be stored and transported as liquid and can can easily vaporize into a gas under proper conditions.

  • Under normal outdoor temperatures propane expands rapidly into a gas.

Propane has been a safe, dependable energy source for home heating and cooking for years. Propane gas is used as a motor fuel to power cars and trucks because it is clean burning and efficient to operate. As propane gas is so environmentally friendly, it reduces the amount of harmful emissions to the atmosphere and helps save our world for future generations.

To find out information about propane as an exceptional energy for your home as well as safety tips for your home, check out the articles found on the National Propane Gas Association Consumer Info Page.

In its natural state propane is odorless and colorless. A commercial odorant is added to it and may be detected if it leaks into the environment. The most commonly used odorant is ethyl mercaptan. All propane that comes from the pipeline to commercial dealers must have the odorant in the gas. If no odorant is detected, the gas supplier should be notified immediately.

Using propane gas for your primary energy just makes good sense in today's world.

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